TV Measurement

How Does TV Affect Digital Conversions?

TV has historically been a blind spot for advertisers. However, with a combination of data partners that capture TV audiences and Barometric’s cross environment device graph, advertisers and agencies can now see how television commercials impact digital conversions or offline KPIs.

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Lift Studies: How are advertisers’ TV exposures impacting digital conversions? Barometric provides the report that shows correlation for optimal planning, buying and optimizing of
your media.
Tune-in: Is your conversion or KPI a tune-in event? If so, Barometric has this covered as well and can attribute digital exposures to tuned-in, events such as watching a particular TV show or network.
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Deep Insights: Because Barometric has the most comprehensive device-level graph in existence, we can build an insights report that goes more in depth than any other TV attribution service out there.