Direct Mail

Direct Mail Measurement & Attribution

Direct Mail response rate measurement has always suffered from multiple blind spots that, in effect, reduce the perceived value of the medium.

Traditionally, a piece of direct mail sent to a consumer is measured only after that consumer converts by entering the mailing address. The larger problem for direct mail is that many consumers never convert fully and their engagement is never attributed to the direct mail piece.

Barometric offers two direct mail products that help brands identify and give credit to this much under-appreciated form of traditional media.

Digital to Direct

Brands can now turn their digital traffic into addressable households which can be retargeted with direct mail. After the mail is sent, Barometric measures its impact by tracking engagements online and in store.

digital to direct
  1. A user visits a webpage without completing a purchase.
  2. Barometric matches the anonymous user to a household within our graph.
  3. Barometric dispatches a follow-up direct mail piece to that household.
  4. Barometric tracks and reports on conversions resulting from the mailer.

Direct Mail Measurement

By using the Barometric-meshed consumer graph, brands can translate a consumer's mailable identity into that consumer's digital devices in order to track engagements which have been – up until now – immeasurable.

direct mail
  1. Barometric connects directly to your Direct Mailing Agency and ingests homes that have been sent a direct mail piece.
  2. Barometric matches these homes to digital identifies stored within our device graph.
  3. Barometric tracks and reports on conversions resulting from the mailer.