Fraud Detection

Invalid Traffic Stops Here

It is estimated that 35% of 1Q 2017 U.S. desktop ad impressions were fraudulent. It is clear that ad fraud, or invalid traffic (IVT), is growing and has been driven by the proliferation of bots, click farms, and various other means, which have been facilitated by highly automated ad systems.

As a part of Barometric’s Media Rating Council (MRC) accreditation for impression and click counting, Barometric has built a best-in-class IVT filtering engine. Non-human traffic, bot traffic and duplicates don’t stand a chance as Barometric, by default, does not count impressions or clicks that fail our IVT filters.

Non-Human Behavior: Any action being tracked within Barometric’s ecosystem is run automatically through our filters that look for non-human behavior. If it walks like a bot or talks like a bot (and even if it doesn’t), we’ll find it.
Safe Attribution: Barometric does not use any IVT-filtered traffic inside our attribution engine. You think that bots shouldn’t get credit for conversions, and we agree. Competing services believe that if an impression converts, it is automatically safe. This cannot be further
from the truth.
MRC Certified: In 2017, Barometric was one of the first third-party tracking companies certified within MRC’s new guidelines that included general IVT. MRC requires that every accredited company needs to be recertified annually, so you can bet that the latest IVT filtering methods are being used on your media.