One Pixel to Measure All

Tracking to the Household level via the Barometric Device Graph

Unified Measurement Matters

Barometric goes beyond "cross device" by unifying devices, conversion environments and disparate measurement indicators to truly analyze the effectiveness of your media.

Barometric Casts the widest net measuring more media channels and conversion environments than any other solution.
We reduce hard and operational costs under a simple-to-implement pixel solution that includes Invalid Traffic monitoring, reach frequency, viewability and cross-device measurement.
Understand the impact of each unique media channel and conversion environment through algorithmic methodology - Barometric Performance Index.

We're Accredited!

We're accredited by the Media Rating Council (MRC) for
Desktop, Mobile Web and Mobile In-App (Desktop, Video and Total):

  • Impressions (Served)
  • Clicks and Click-through rate (excluding Click-only tracking)
The MRC uses strict standards to certify data as valid, reliable, and effective.